World Poker Exchange’s new marketing strategy – Judi Online




Online gambling site World Poker Exchange has unveiled new spots to beef up poker uptake, which is taking America by storm.


Conceived and directed by Kevin and Michael Goetz also known as the Goetz Brothers. Being avid poker players they drew on their own Judi Online experiences and turns old adage about card play on its head through the stories of people who treat real life situations as if they were a game of stud.


‘Every commercial we’d ever seen about poker took place around a card table. So we thought it would be fun to go outside the casino. Because poker is often compared to life, we began thinking of ways of applying poker to real life situations,’ explains Michael Goetz, one of the co-directors.


With that as their starting point the Goetz Judi Online Brothers wrote scripts for several potential spots. Gragido, meanwhile, came up with the campaign tagline, ‘Play the World’.


Although they were working with a limited budget, the Goetz Brothers wanted the spots to have a big, cinematic feel. ‘We saved money wherever we could so that we had the resources available for the things that really mattered, such as hiring one of the best cinematographers in the industry. As a result, we were able to deliverSitus Judi Online two spots—and two lifts—that have the quality of the best national commercials,’ adds Kevin Goetz.