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31st March 2003

Uploaded a new original pic of an elephant, and two old fanarts, one not so good pencil one of Kamui from X, and one nice line art of aCompanion (a horse-like being) from the books of Mercedes Lackey.

30th March 2003

Happy Mothers Day to Mums everywhere! I’ve taken down my winamp skins section (well, more accuratly I forgot to include it when I changed layouts – doh!) I might put it back in later. If there are any bugs in my website please report them to me here – I’m in the middle of testing the pages now, but I might miss something. I’ve also removed the old requests forum (since I no longer do free pics), and added a page on commissions. I have yet to add content to ‘oekaki’ and ‘shop’.

29th March 2003

Ahh, a proper update at last! What do you think of the new site layout? The reasons I decided to change were that I wanted something quicker to load than the previous layout and something easier to update, also I’ve been creating a lot more fantasy art these days (but don’t worry, I’m still doing anime as well), so I figured something a little less anime was perhaps more in order. I’ve also uploaded some Cardcaptors ani-gifs to the Adopt/Anigifs section.