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Aturan Pemenang Sbobet Multiple Link Alternatif di Jackpot Madness

London, 21 Juni 2001 – Jackpot Madness (www.jackpotmadness.com), portal game terbesar di Internet, memberikan lebih dari $400.000 pada akhir pekan tanggal 9-10 Juni kepada total 18 pemenang yang beruntung. Bukan akhir pekan yang tidak biasa untuk portal yang sibuk, tetapi tiga dari pemenang besar ini telah memenangkan jackpot besar sebelumnya dan kembali menang di progresif lagi. Banyak pemenang telah menjadi semakin umum di jaringan 70-kasino, karena orang-orang menemukan bahwa kapal Jackpot Madness mereka dapat masuk lebih dari sekali, dua kali dan bahkan lebih….

Marilyn M, Nenek dari 3 anak dan pemilik bisnisnya sendiri, tidak pernah benar-benar percaya bahwa orang pernah menang di kasino internet, tetapi setelah memenangkan $15.789,23 di SupaJax di The River Belle pada bulan Maret, dia adalah penggemar yang dikonfirmasi. “Percayalah bahwa Anda bisa menjadi pemenang! Teman-teman saya berpikir bahwa permainan di Internet adalah penipuan, tetapi ketika saya memberi tahu mereka bahwa saya menang, mereka sangat terkejut dan berkata bahwa mereka harus mulai bermain juga.” Jadi, bayangkan reaksinya ketika dia mendapatkan jackpot $123,580,66 pada tanggal 9 Juni di Fruit Fiesta di The River Belle, memecahkan rekor pembayaran tertinggi pada permainan progresif itu: “Saya merasa bahwa saya sedang beruntung dan sekarang saya berpikir untuk menang. pada semua progresif! Terakhir kali saya berbicara dengan Anda, Anda Togel Hongkong mengatakan bahwa ada orang yang menang lebih dari sekali. Sekarang saya menang dua kali dan saya tahu ini mungkin, saya tahu bahwa saya bisa menang lagi… akan!”

Pada akhir pekan yang sama, Akuntan Yunani Chrisoula P. memenangkan jackpot lotsaLoot ketiga sebesar $20,573,50 di King Solomon’s, menambah dua kemenangan sebelumnya sebesar $25,166.03 pada 2 April dan $35.802,35 pada 25 Mei, dengan total $81.541,88. “Saya selalu bermimpi pergi ke Jamaika, dan sekarang saya bisa. Saya juga membeli mobil baru!” Linda W., Analis Sistem, sangat senang ketika dia memenangkan jackpot sebesar $10.754,70 dengan bermain Cash Splash di The River Belle pada tanggal 22 April. “Saya kagum, saya tidak percaya saya yang menang!” Jika itu membuatnya takjub, pada 10 Juni dia mendapatkan jackpot lagi, kali ini sebesar $66,631,80.

Sejak meluncurkan Cash Splash pada November 1998, Jackpot Madness yang didukung Microgaming telah membayar total $32.276.821,50 kepada ratusan pemenang internasional. Salah satu dari mereka, Blake R., telah memenangkan tiga kali dengan total $ 272.957,56, dan telah menggunakan kemenangannya untuk membuat perbaikan rumah besar, membantu ibu dan 8 saudara kandungnya dan membeli perahu yang dia sebut “Cash Splash”. Debbie R., pemenang lima kali, terus-menerus memenangkan progresif sebulan selama 5 bulan terakhir, di kasino yang berbeda setiap kali, dengan total $271.263,24. Dengan rejeki nomplok yang tak terduga ini, dia dan keluarganya mampu “membangun rumah impian kami.” Pemecah rekor Jean G. telah memenangkan 6 jackpot lotsaLoot dengan total $305.163, dan yang lebih menakjubkan lagi, baik ibu maupun putrinya telah memenangkan jackpot lotsaLoot yang substansial menggunakan komputer Jean.

Marilyn, Chrisoula, Linda, Jean, Debbie dan Link Alternatif Sbobet Blake hanyalah contoh kecil dari sekian banyak pemenang yang telah kembali untuk menang lebih dari sekali, dan yang bertekad untuk menang lagi, memperkaya hidup dan kehidupan mereka. keluarga. Dalam kata-kata pemenang lima kali Debbie, “Semua kemenangan ini pasti membuat hidup sedikit lebih mudah, tidak terlalu menegangkan. Selalu menyenangkan menjadi pemenang.”

Untuk membaca beberapa testimoni pemenang secara mendalam, silakan klik di sini: Clicks to Riches

Tentang Jackpot Madness:

Jackpot Madness, dijalankan oleh Jumbo Jackpots of Curacao, adalah jaringan progresif online terbesar di dunia. Semua jackpot yang dimenangkan di kasino yang menyediakan permainan ini ditawarkan melalui pembayaran tunai langsung penuh – satu-satunya permainan di Internet yang menawarkan manfaat ini. Tujuan dari portal ini adalah untuk menyediakan satu tujuan bagi para penggemar jackpot yang menawarkan berbagai pilihan progresif, yang menampilkan pembayaran yang sering dan jackpot yang memecahkan rekor. Total jackpot adalah “langsung” dan Jackpot Madness memberikan informasi yang terus diperbarui bersama dengan tautan ke lebih dari 70 kasino. Total pembayaran lebih dari $90.000.000 dan terus bertambah.







Online Togel Hongkong poker gains web acceptance and growth



“I guess it gets the blood flowing watching it,” Salois said. “It gets you excited to play.”


And when the Togel Hongkong game gets going, the buzz begins.


“As long as you’re not losing, you’re into the zone,” Salois said. “You kind of see things before they happen. That’s the fine line, between people who say it’s a luck game, and people who say it’s a skill game.”


Some would warn against the well-known dangers of Togel Hongkong falling into the gambling habit, even as they laud the social aspects of playing.


“If it’s done for gambling, it can be just as addictive as drugs or overeating,” said Bert Jacobs, chairman of the psychology department at the University of Maine at Farmington. “But if it’s done for socialization, then I don’t see any harm in it.”


Jacobs does not think much of online poker, since he believes players who log on are in fact playing against computer programs. But he acknowledges that poker has an enduring appeal in this society.


“A large component of it is bluffing, the ability to impose yourself on others by tricking them,” he said. “Some people find that very attractive. But I don’t believe poker is any more evil than chess. Also, it goes back to the Wild West. It’s a way for people to develop a community.”


Still, sales of poker products appears to have picked up at local retailers.


“We have seen an increase in that type of paraphernalia, probably because of the television shows,” said Julie Gilbert, manager of Skowhegan’s Wal-Mart. “We’re selling more cards and chips. In bigger stores, the (card playing) tables do very well. It started this summer, and we expect it to go through the holiday season.”


Most who buy the Togel Hongkong paraphernalia are male, Gilbert said, in the 20-to-30 age range, “especially the guys heading up for weekend going to camp,” she said.


“It sells well, but it’s not like we’re not bringing in extra to keep up with demand,” said Gerald Tyler, manager of Augusta’s Wal-Mart.


For all its current popularity, the game’s young online fans don’t expect it to last. Salois believes the television shows are jumping on a bandwagon while the trend lasts — “Its popularity will start to wane,” he predicted.


“It’s very ‘in’ right now, but I’m not sure if it will stick around,” Randall said. “It might peak out at some point and level off.”…


Casinos People Truth Read Betting


A good great deal of sports supporters looks ahead to the Planet Goblet and Euro Pot that will alternative every 20 years, even so in the meantime, absolutely nothing draws visitors to gambling sites within the UNITED KINGDOM such as the Premier League or even Champions Category. Since the Euro Mug arrived at a close along with The country once again being called the top region on football sports betting, there has never been too very much activity regarding soccer bets online. Horse betting can be an activity that’s being treasured by plenty of women and adult men. With nearly all of the best league seasons over, betting football online appeared to always be positioned to the backburners for some sort of little together with gave gamblers a tad of the offseason. You would like to study first about this particular activity and place precisely what you’ve discovered into the particular program.

Bear in mind that you own a good entire great deal of mounts to select from. That is why you have to give a good excellent deal of thought primarily before making the last choice and stay courageous enough to set inside your gamble. Third, you will need to be mindful togel hongkong and ardent enough to help comprehend choices to make the the majority of of those. Teams for instance The city of manchester United, Chelsea, in addition to Arsenal are very fittings since many popular football betting selections. They have a number of often the greatest football betting chances any season. Will Gatwick town be able to replicate because League Champions, or maybe could Manchester United find a method to bounce back together with reestablish their own dominance in the league

But each so usually, a fresh group can emerge and create many sound, a year that job had been managed simply by Manchester City definitely not simply took the Premier Addition by storm nonetheless also football lines playing usually. Or is it an alternative team totally of which instructs this season and wins every little thing In event the participant’s side plus trader’s hand pkv game titles would be the identical, now neither wins neither seems to lose; that is identified as a push. Some players also detest often the negativity, so they may only collapse their palms to prevent the episode should they win your hand. Almost every poker region will supply you with a few added bonus to gamers. So prepare because football playing services will be filled with bettors hoping to be able to find an early jump on the year come July eighteenth. So listen to each of the steps and how players look starting this season given that before you know it, they’ll be about the toss competing intended for football activity betting supremacy week inside and full week out.