(in other words, pointless babble about me)
Please note I put this profile up here because I am constantly getting e-mails from people asking about me . There is more than enough info up here about me, you really don’t need to know anything else. I appreciate all the nice e-mails I get, but I really just don’t have time to answer them alI, so please don’t be offended if I don’t reply to everyone.
To The Lads : I *have* a very nice boy friend who I love dearly, so please no more e-mail offers, thanks all the same ^^;;;;;;

Name :  Rachel S. Young
Web alias’s : Artoki, artikozethar
Age : 21
Birthday : December 2nd (Sagittarius)
Nationality : English
Basic description : Quiet tall, hazel (i.e. multicolored but mostly green – sort of foresty) eyes, verrry pale skin, long dark brown hair that keeps getting in my eyes, grr!!. Usually wearing reds and blacks.
Pets : None. Until recently I had a puppy called Tas, but my parents gave him away ;_;
Current Neopets : (yes I know … sad, very very sad) Aramune(Lupe) and The_Cheshirecat (Kougra), but my fave species are Lupe, Draik and peophin (uni needs re-drawing, don’t you think? it looks like a disgruntled My Little Pony!!) You can visit my Lookup here if you wanna

General stuffs I love :   My boyfriend (ahhh, the cheesyness!) My computer! Vanyel, Wolves, Vampires, anything weird, videogames, drawing/painting/CGing, anime, cels, villainous bishounen ^_~, Seishirou, internet, lightning, feathers, F1 racing (supporting Jenson Button), good films/theatre , gloating about not knowing a single person who can beat me at Tekken (“Muahah!! I’m the Tekken goddess!!” … ahem… yeah, whatever … actually I haven’t played it in forevere… I bet I suck at it now…), sleeping, money, & being grouchy and cynical.

Current main obsessions :
1 :
 Mercedes Lackey books. My stupid bookstore doesn’t store anythiiiing by her though >____< Looks like I’ll have to buy online.

2 : Anne Rice

3 : Hellsing (neeeeed to buy the manga! want doujinshi *must have a statue/model!)

Favorite stuffs :
Anime series :
 X OAV / Trigun / Hellsing
Anime movie : Vampirehunter D
Manga : Tokyo Babylon (- or X or Angel Sanctuary, or Kizuna or ….just depends on my mood^^;;)
Videogame : Vagrant Story / FF7/ Ico / FFX
Anime characters : Seishirou, Alucard, Subaru, Integra sama, Kai, Vash, Hokuto, Spike, Dilandau, Dalet, Yuzuriha Nekoi, D, Ferio, Innouva, Ascot, Yukiko, Michael(from Witch Hunter Robin).
Videogame characters : Sydney, Vincent, Auron, Selphie, Yorda, Sephiroth, Alucard, Zed.
Other characters : Vanyel, Lestat, Armand, Raistlin, Tasslehoff, Spike, Drizzit.
Colour : Red
Number : 6
Animal : Wolf (& horse’s, dogs, cats, tigers, – well all animals really!)
Food : Mints, mashmellows, cheese, chocolate POCKY.
Fantasy artists : Larry Elmore, Jeff Easley
Anime/Manga artists : CLAMP, Kazuma Kodaka, Ayami Kojima
Fanartists/non professionals: GlassShard !! (worship! The gal’s a genius! check her site!), Saint (does all my favorite oekaki’s)
Authors: Mercedes Lackey, Weis & Hickman, Anne Rice, Tom Holt, R.A.Salvator, Robert Jordan
Word: Bobbins (O_o Huh?? Yeah, I know, having a favorite word is *weird* but don’t you think it’s a great word! Bobbins! Bobbins! Bobbins!!!)
Wants most: Top five:-
1) To see my story ideas in anime/manga and videogame format ( I can dream can’t I ^_~;; )
2) To go to Japan
3) A horse ^___^.
4) A certain Kizuna cel I’ve seen for sale, but (I can’t afford ;_;).
5) A whopping great big old fashioned gothic-mansion-castle type thing with servants and big evil looking gates, and a funky black lahmbohgini with leather seats and … err getting a tad carried away now ^^;;;

Pet Peeves stuffs : Badly dubbed anime, football , videogames about sport (what’s the point…go outside and play for real duh), monsterseed (really naff game …don’t get me started!), speed bumps, buses, Huuuuuge bookstores that only devote one shelf to fantasy, ppl who are mean to animals, having to update my website, ppl bugging me when I’m drawing, myself, being wrong, meaningless modern art, ppl who like meaningless modern art and claim it means something, putting a price on art, downloads that take foreeeevvvvvvveeerrrrr, anything beige *ick!*, ppl who keep nagging me for photographs (Sherman if your reading this , consider yourself warned ^_~), working, Christmas(bah humbug!), working on Christmas, cheap food, people who drink/smoke and then complain they are skint, being skint, talk shows, living in Hull, not getting games till months after USA and Japan…or worse still not getting them at all!! Waa! – – Oh man, I could rant about things I hate forever! I think I’ll quit for now. Maybe I’ll do a rant page or something!