Heads Up Denmark, here comes the Small Town toto sgp Poker Tour


The Small Town Poker Tour, a USA television show and the world’s largest amateur poker tour has announced its plans to visit Denmark.

“We will be in Europe the first few weeks of February and plan to spend a significant amount of time in Denmark” stated Mark Fracalossi, the executive producer.

The Tour’s aim is to find the best poker players in the world, planning to scour America’s 50 states, and subsequent tours of Canada, Australia and Asia in the pipeline.

Differing from other toto sgp poker shows on television it will be taking a more grassroots approach, looking at the lives of people that play poker and along the way raising money for local charities.

“We are happy to be moving forward with setting up a true world amateur poker championship, and giving people a chance to shine. We are also happy to announce that Denmark will be the first stop on the European Small Town Poker Tour,” Fracalossi stated. “We have received many letters of nomination from all of Europe but Denmark responded more than any other country. We are going to be visiting possible venues over the next few weeks.”

Fracalossi further added “The money we raise will stay local. It’s a chance for all poker players to come to give something back”.


All regional winners will vie for the title of European Small Town Poker Ch


Poker club threatens legal action against police


Belfast Police are facing legal action from a club owner for raiding his club and seizing over £20,000.


Adorning riot gear dozens of police officers raided the city centre Cavendish Club, breaking up a card game and ordering 200 players, including lawyers and doctors, to stop playing.


The club is demanding its money back from police in the belief that it was doing nothing illegal or wrong.


The Cavendish is a regular on Sky TV and has also hosted the online Texas Hold’em poker Open, also known for not serving alcohol, just tea and coffee.


Sean Murphy, the club’s owner stated “a number of armed policemen raided the premises.


“There was just over £20,000 – which was the prize money we had collected for the tournament on Saturday night”


Continuing “Looking into the room, I saw upwards of 15 – 20 policemen and I was subsequently told there was the same number downstairs – they were armed and in riot gear.


“They just marched in and went up the stairs. It was quite frightening,


“These are businessmen, professional types and people from all walks of life sitting down having a game of poker – they are not used to having squads of policemen charging up the stairs at them.” he added.


“The Cavendish Club has been open for a couple of years in Belfast – it is a private club catering for the poker fraternity in Belfast and Northern Ireland in general.”


Mr. Murphy is looking forward to an imminent court case which he believes will provide clarification on the laws that are presently unclear.


“I spoke to a senior police officer when we opened…. because the Gaming and Lotteries Act (NI) is a little bit of a grey area.


“The senior policeman assured me that if there were any concerns he would be in touch with me.


“Since nothing transpired after that we assumed everything was in order.”


Kevin Winters, a solicitor for Mr. Murphy commented “He is at a loss as to why the police should be so heavy-handed.”


A police spokesman stated “The police carried out a planned search in Corporation Street in Belfast under the Betting, Gaming, Lotteries and Amusements (NI) Order 1985.


“They seized cash and a number of items. If anyone has a complaint to make about the actions of any police officer, they should contact the Police Ombudsman’s office.”