FlopTurnRiver’s IowaSkinsFan Deep in WSOPE Main Event



The poker spotlight has shifted across the pond this month, with the World Series of Poker Europe taking place in London. Hundreds of poker professionals and hopeful amateurs alike have been testing their skills on the felt over the past several days in a variety of events, and now we’re in the middle of the tournament everybody’s been waiting for: The WSOPE Main Event. Prominent FlopTurnRiver member Danny “IowaSkinsFan” Steinberg has so far made a sold impression and looks poised to continue his success and run even deeper.

The World Series of Poker Europe is a much smaller affair than its Las Vegas counterpart, with a total of only six events being hosted. bitcoin roulette While short in numbers, these events by no means lack prestige, and official WSOP bracelets have been awarded to the winners since the inaugural series in 2007. The Main Event sports a £10,350 buy-in (approx. $16,400 USD), and this year 346 entrants made their way to the tournament, guaranteeing an impressive prize pool and a first place prize of £830,401 (approx. $1.3 Million USD).

Among those 346 entrants is Danny “IowaSkinsFan” Steinberg, a long-time member of and valued contributor to the forums here at FlopTurnRiver. He’s enjoyed a limited amount of success in live tournaments, with over $35,000 in career winnings to his name, but where he really excels is online play. IowaSkinsFan has amassed hundreds of thousands of dollars playing online cash games, where he is a force to be reckoned with in all forms of poker, but most notably Heads Up No Limit Hold’Em, where he crushes stakes as high as $25/$50.

His poker talent is serving him well once again, as he boasts a very deep stack at the close of Day Two of the WSOPE Main Event. Currently 69 players remain of the 346 who started, and Danny Steinberg is the 12th of those with an impressive 200,000 in chips. There are still a lot of other big names left in the tournament, including Phil Ivey in sixth place, so it won’t be a walk in the park for Steinberg but he certainly has the potential to surpass all expectations and we wish him the best of luck.

As well as being a player of incredible talent, Danny “IowaSkinsFan” Steinberg has also shown himself time and time again to have an ability to share his excellent understanding of the game in a way that players of all levels can easily follow. Many have benefited greatly from his advice, whether from his excellent strategy articles or from his presence in the Short Handed and Heads Up No Limit Hold’Em forums. Check out what he has to say and maybe in the coming years it will be you squaring off against the best in the world in London.