Cel Gallery

* still partially under construction – got to scan most of the cels yet*
Welcome to the newest section of my site, the Cel Gallery. Here you’ll find scans of actual production anime cels I own (mostly CLAMP stuff), unfortunately my collection’s pretty small and lame and crummy due to the fact that I’m completely skint & cels are expensive, especially the good ones, but then that’s obvious, ne? As a result I’ve started paintingĀ fancelsĀ as a hobby – I do take fancel commissions, although at the present moment in time I’m a lil’ busy with commissions so it’d take time for me to catch up, but if you don’t mind waiting in bit, then that’s ok ^_^. As far as selling my cel collection goes, I’m prepared to *consider* any reasonable offers for buying cels (fan or production), but I am quite attached to some of ’em, so don’t be too peeved if I say ‘no thanks’, I’ll also consider trades for stuff that’s in my wish list.