Artoki Adoption Center

Welcome to the Artoki Adoption Center^^ Following the success of Slayground’s (my old escaflowne dragonslayers shrine, don’t go there!! please!) ‘Adopt-A-Slayer’ chibi gifs, I thought I’d open something similar here at Artoki. At the moment I have gifs from Vagrant Story, Cowboy Bebop, Tokyo Babylon, X/1999, Rayearth, Angelic Layer, Escaflowne , and Dragonlance, some of them are really old and crap … others are new and crap, lol, nevermind ^_^

Rules/FAQ For Adopting 
1You have to need to have a webpage! What’s the point of adopting if you can’t give them a home? If you’ve got more than one homepage, and you want to adopt for all your pages then that’s ok too^^

2.You can adopt as many characters as you want

3.You have to link back to the Artoki front page ( so that other ppl who want to adopt will know where to go. If you want to use a banner you can either use one of the general Artoki banners (click here) or just link the actual adopted gif if you like, I don’t mind – If you don’t want to put a banner on your page don’t worry – a text link will suffice. Whatever! Just don’t forget to link^_^V

4.You may use the gifs for other purposes than adopting, but if you must then the same rules apply, I’d like a link back and/or credit.

How to adopt
Simple! Make sure you’ve read & understand the above rules then go to the ‘Choose your Chibi’ Page and pick the chibi/s you want to give a new home ^_^ If you’ve got a webpage I’m sure you know how to put up images, but heres a brief example of the code just incase: